Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our New Digs

Things are moving along here in renovationland. The loan has been approved, the permit has been applied for, and the hubby and I managed to find a house to rent for the duration. I thought I'd introduce you to what will become our new base of operations for the next 6 months or so.

It's a snug little house with a labyrinthian collection of rooms, but it suits our needs. Here is a view of the living room area with an old brick fireplace and built ins:

Next up is the dining room complete with mural. That mural makes me nervous actually. I'm scared half to death we'll ding it or scratch it up. Just past the dining room windows you can see another room that they made by enclosing a porch. It's not well insulated and is already hot this time of year, but it will make a good place to watch the wiener dogs while they frolic in the back yard.

Off the dining room is a very spacious kitchen, complete with lots of cabinets and counter top space (more than I actually have now). The fridge is a nice size too, but it doesn't have an ice maker. The washer/dryer is in the forefront of the pic, and while it's a bit awkward to have them in the kitchen, I'm glad to have them far away from the bedroom. A dryer close to the bedroom can really heat it up in the summer.

And speaking of the master bedroom, here it is. It's going to be a bit of a squeeze to get the king sized bed in there, but we'll manage. Not pictured is a small closet, but I don't mind living out of wardrobe boxes if necessary.

Off of the master bedroom is the teeny tiny bathroom. This picture makes it actually look a lot larger than it is. The hubby is crouching on the toilet to take this photo- and to make matters worse there are two doors in this bathroom. I'm not sure what they were thinking when they built this house, but if it were mine this would be the first thing I would renovate.

Next up is the bedroom that will become our home office. I like the nice wide windows that overlook the backyard. Perhaps I can surf the web while I watch the wieners frolic and play.

And finally, one of the biggest selling points of the rental- a big, level fenced in back yard that is wiener dog approved!

For reasons that elude me, the hubby did not take pictures of two of the other bedrooms. They're nothing special- they'll just serve as storage for our stuff during the renovation. He also excluded the laughably small "bathroom" off of the office. Folks, they stuck a toilet in a closet and called it a bathroom. It's really funny. I'll try to take a pic of it and add it later.

So I guess that's it! The hubby and I will be moving in to our new digs at the beginning of April and then the renovation will truly begin on the old homestead. I'm glad we found a place that is so close to our house (less than a mile), but it's weird layout and tiny rooms make me appreciate the convenience of my own humble abode. Still, I'm grateful for the fenced in back yard. I won't have to walk the wieners constantly in the summer heat.

I'll be updating this blog as soon as the construction starts so stay tuned!