Thursday, January 31, 2013

Goodbye Pat

I have a short and sad update for you today folks.  Pat Vloebergh, the sweet lady and talented artist who designed all of the stained glass in our house, has passed away.  I first met her many years ago when she designed our front door glass.  I was afraid that she might think I was crazy (or just tacky) to want a Halloweenie front door, but she was very supportive and full of wonderful ideas.  She put her heart and soul into designing something just for me, and every day when I walk out into the hall and see that front door, I smile.

I kept this quiet because it was not my story to tell, but during the course of our current project, Pat lost her beloved husband of many years and broke her back.  Despite her grief and serious injury, Pat never let her concentration on our project wane.  She was passionate and professional about finishing our stained glass, even in the face of crushing personal tragedy.  Truly, she was an amazing woman, and I admire her strength and courage.

The hubby and I feel so very humbled and lucky to have Pat's stained glass in our house.  She made beautiful art, and her legacy will live on.  The talented people that worked with Pat- artists, stained glass designers, craftsmen, and installers, have decided to keep her business going.  I can't help but think that would make Pat happy.  So, if you are in need of stained glass, I highly recommend you contact the good folks at Vloeberghs Studio.  They will design something beautiful and special just for you.

As for our renovation, well things have been a bit quiet around here.  First the hubby got sick, then I got sick, then our contractor Brett got sick.  With all that illness, the renovation naturally slowed down.  We're all hale and hearty now and things have picked back up, so I will have another post for you soon.

Goodbye Pat, we miss you.