Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bathtub Musings

Okay I know I said that today I was going to describe everything we are doing for the renovation, but I'm sorta waiting on the hubby to scan in some drawings of our house to really help you visualize it. So, instead I thought I'd discuss the single thing that I'm looking forward to the most in this renovation- the bathtub. I have always loved taking baths. When I was a little girl, I would spend hours in the tub playing with my toys and tub crayons. As I got older, I felt it was the height of luxury (and coolness) to soak for hours while reading Seventeen magazine. Eventually I graduated to the hard core stuff and am now a full out scented soap and bath salts junkie.

So you can understand that it was quite an adjustment for me, a born and bred tub soaker, to buy a house with the world's smallest tub. Seriously, this thing is barely big enough to be called a tub, it's more like a "largish shower bottom". For 8 long years, I've done nothing but shower. Sure, I've tried to simulate the bathtub experience by using fancy scented shower gels, dimming the lights, and putting on a little mood music, but was nowhere near as satisfying as the real thing.

Now that we're getting serious about the renovation, you can understand why I've become a little bathtub obsessed. I watch movies and TV shows now just to check out their bathtubs. I've pestered poor Karen and Brett to death, making sure that they KNOW how important the master bathtub is to me. Heck, I even made Brett watch part of an episode of True Blood where Bill and Sookie are going in for a post-coital soak. I paused the screen and was blathering on about bathtub decks and mood lighting when I noticed Brett seemed a little flabbergasted. So deep was I into my bathtub mania that I failed to notice that I paused the screen on a shot of a hot naked vampire Bill getting into the tub.

So here it is folks- my ideal master bathtub, Nordic vampire included:


  1. Oh I so agree! And now we are in a townhouse with no tub! I so miss my 8' super deep in Idaho! Sob! I'd even take the vampire! ;)