Sunday, July 8, 2012

An Unexpected Hiatus and Progress That's Hard To See

Sorry I've been gone for a couple of weeks folks. It was my intention to update this blog at least once a week during the heavy construction phase, but I pulled a muscle in my back. It lead to a super happy fun trip to urgent care on one of the hottest days Atlanta has ever seen, and no typing for me for over a week due to the pain. But I'm (marginally) better now and ready to resume my duties as your blog hostess with the mostess.

So, what's been going on for these two weeks? Lots of stuff, but it's not the easiest stuff to visualize. First of all we had a lot of things roughed in, including the guest bath, stairwell down to the basement, and the laundry/pantry room.

Recognize that light from my dining room table?

On the above picture, the guest bath is on the left, the stairs down to the basement will be on the right, and if you look through them both to the window on the far wall, that's where the laundry/pantry room will be. Here's another view of the laundry/pantry room:

The workers have also been busy little bees on the outside of the house, and we have almost all of our siding up:

I know it's going to be one of the last things that we do, but I can't WAIT to paint the outside of the house. It's going to look really cool! Anyhoo, there was lots of interior guts type stuff going on in the house too, like plumbing:

Oh my god! Someone built a robot in my attic!!!

hey baby, wanna kill all humans?

Just kidding! That's actually our HVAC unit...our sexy, sexy HVAC. You can't blame me for getting excited about air conditioning when we're suffering through 100 plus degree days here in Hotlanta.

We also uncovered a few historic things about the house. When the workers were doing stuff on the front porch, they uncovered this old beam:

It's a little hard to tell in that photo, but it looks like at one point our porch ceiling was painted white, then light blue, then teal green. Interesting.

We also found some of the original ceiling in the hallway:

That's beadboard baby!!! Now I know you guys are wondering, why the heck is she so excited about beadboard? Well, ever since we started this project, I have been adamantly insisting that we put beadboard ceilings throughout the house, because that is what most middle class houses would have had in that era. Beadboard is actually more expensive for us to do nowadays so I kinda had to roll up my sleeves and fight for it, and now I'm so glad I did cause I was right!!!

That's about it for the last two weeks. Hopefully I won't suffer any more back injuries and will be able to post more regularly. I want to leave you guys on the happiest of notes this week- big congratulations to our next door neighbor's the W.'s for the arrival of their newest family member!

Welcome to the world little fella! We promise to get the construction done ASAP so you can rest easy.

Tune in next time for an update on the master bathroom design, including inspiration photos.

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