Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hot Roofing Action!

So I promised you guys some HOT! ROOFING! ACTION! last week, and we did make pretty good progress with it this week. The roof started the week looking something like this:

It kinda reminds me of a child's set of tinker toys.

As the week progressed, the roof got filled in a bit more:

You'll note that they are not removing the old roof until the new one is completed and covers the house. We're grateful for that.

The roof ended the week being blanketed with roof felt. I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds artsy and craftsy:

While the roof was going up, the addition itself was being filled in with more walls:

That's our new living room folks! There will be a fireplace there someday between those two windows. Here is our dining area:

Isn't it bright and cheerful? And here's our kitchen:

Some day my AGA stove will sit between those two windows.

Also, this week was the official Week of the Crap Pile:

Help! The Crap Pile is eating my porch!!!

nom! nom! nom!

The hubby and I voted this lovely pic of the ductwork crap pile our Gross Pic of the Week:

We vehemently deny that the ductwork crap pile bribed us for our votes!

move along, nothing to see here

I know what you're thinking- you're thinking that roofing and crap piles are nice- but what about the slantyness of the Slanty Shanty? Oh don't worry gentle reader, we are still dealing with a lot of that. Mercifully, we don't have to add any more (expensive) helical piers, but we did pour a lot of concrete in holes under the house. I'm assuming they plan to stick some boards or something in them to support the floors.

Oh yeahhh baby, stick it in me!

That's about all that happened this week, except oh yeah, our blue room wall mysteriously disappeared:

Uhm, wall...hello?!? Wall?!?

The hubby and I were both like, "WTF?!" when we first saw a BIG GAPING HOLE where we once had a wall. After hyperventilating a few minutes with our heads between our legs, we figured out that they probably took down the whole wall because that room will eventually have a spiffy new set of pocket doors. At least we hope that's the reason.

I'll leave you this week with a cool pic that the hubby took looking down the hall from our front door into the addition:

Some day you will look down that hall and see a beautiful stained glass transom beckoning you to the new part of the house...sigh...

Tune in next week when we better call the Doctor, cause we've got shingles!


  1. So scary to see your home in such a state. I bet you can hardly wait for them to finish so you can come back home.

  2. It seems that your roof trusses are perfectly aligned, Chris :) – I commend your contractors for that. Congratulations! What type of roof did you install? I assume it's a strong type like metal and cedar roofs. What happened to your previous roof, anyway?

    Mariam Freame

  3. This is indeed a real roof action! It’s not easy to work on this part of the house. You’re blessed to have skilled men to do all of these. By the way, I read your post from getting your permit last May 2012 until your last post on December 8, and I can say it’s such a hard work for all of you. But everything paid off because it came out beautifully. You have good taste in color mixing, and your study room is my favorite part. :)
    {Becky Steele}

  4. How’s the house, Chris? Seems you did a lot of work on the roof! And for the roof felt, yes, it seems artsy, but it does have an important role as a part of the roof. Roof felt or tar paper prevents the entry of moisture into the wood surface of the roof. It ensures the protection of your roof, even in rough weather.

    @Sasha Herrick