Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Walls Go Up, Walls Go Down

When we last left off with the construction talk, we had a floor for the addition, but little else. Well as you saw from our time lapse video, the workers were busy as bees and the walls are definitely coming up:

All those (temporary) diagonal beams make me nervous- how can they work in there and not trip all over them? By the end of the week, they were adding plywood to what will become our honest to goodness exterior walls in the addition:

They even began work on what will one day become my screened in porch:

While walls were going up on the outside of the house, they were coming down on the inside. Our house sits a little too close to the neighbors on one side (they built 'em close back in 1911). So to protect our neighbors, the city requires us to make our walls all along the length of that side of the house fireproof. That means we have to take down all the interior walls on that side. Hooray for extra work and added expense! I must say it does look pretty cool to see all the lath though:

The walls in our current bedroom/bathroom/closet area are completely gone now. Here's an artistic shot the hubby took looking down our hallway and into our bedroom from what was once our bathroom:

And here's another view taken while standing in the bedroom. As you can see there is no evidence that our bathroom or closet ever existed:

Kind of sad really.

This week we also continued to fight the good fight against the slantyness of the Slanty Shanty. As you can see from these pics, a lot of the support under the existing house is in dire need of reinforcement:

So they dug a hole to add some support and water bubbled up.

We have to get the engineer back out to look at this, and we may have to purchase and install another dreaded helical pier (yay! overage!). It's no fun having a house built on top of an underground spring.

We did find something neat this week. We found the original ceiling in the current kitchen/dining room/bathroom area. The beadboard is another strong indication that this area was most likely a porch that was walled in at some time.

I find that deep teal color to be rather shocking because the lighter Haint Blue would have been much more common on a porch of that era. I guess the folks that originally owned this house marched to the beat of their own drummer.

And finally I'll leave you guys with the Gross Pic Of The Week. This week it's a shot of the squirrel's nest we found in our eaves:

Bleh! Tune in next week for some HOT ROOFING ACTION!!! and maybe even another time lapse video.

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