Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rip Snortin' and Tearin'

Because of complications between us and the city, we've had to temporarily defer work on the addition. Not one to sit around and rest on his laurels, our contractor decided to start working on the inside of the house where they are just rip, snortin', and tearin' stuff up! Let's start at the back of the house. This is our master bathroom/closet area. It used to look something like this:

And this is how it looked earlier this week:

Quite a change, huh? The floors were rotted around the tub from water damage, which we kinda expected. Still it's pretty gross when you see it up close:

So they wound up having to rip up the flooring and replace it.

No one's gonna miss that uggo vinyl flooring. They also ripped out the ceiling, which we will be replacing with the more historically accurate beadboard.

So our bathroom ended the week looking like this:

No outside or inside walls, no ceiling, but at least it's got a new floor!

Let's move on to our kitchen area. It once looked something like this:

And now it looks like this:

Not that much worse really. They had to rip out the floor that was underneath our fridge. I guess it was rotted. Now you can see directly down into the crawl space.

The entry from the living room to the kitchen/dining area is now a lovely crap pile full of old cabinetry, countertops and my old stove.

And speaking of our living room- remember it? It used to look like this:

Now it looks like this:

I'm glad to see the living room got it's own crap pile. I'd hate for it to be jealous of the kitchen. As you can see in that second photo, they had to replace some of the floor in the living room. It always used to swoop down right there by the we know why. I gotta say it feels good to fix all the floors in the ole Slanty Shanty.

Let's check in on our home office. It used to look like this:

And now it looks like this:

So far they've removed the flooring and the moldings, and they've cut a door between it and the bedroom (remember, it will be our master bathroom some day).

That's all the major changes inside the house this week, but I promised you an update on the outside of the house and I'm not one to lie. So, look! We've got insulation!!! And walls!!! Sorta...

Hey, it's not much but it's a start. As an extra special treat for you guys this week, I share this pic:

The hubby and I about peed ourselves when they found this "artifact" under the floor in the kitchen. We were all like, "Oh wow! It's the guy who built the house! He outlined a picture of himself! His name was S. Jack!". And then we realized that the outline was done in magic marker. We figure it must have been the builder who bought this house and flipped it sometime in the 80's. Well played S. Jack, well played.

That's all for this week- tune in next week for more Tales From The Slanty Shanty!


  1. Hello! I came over from your mention on Hooked on Houses. When I was a child, I used to live in Decatur (Feld Avenue near Oakhurst Elementary then Erie Avenue right across from Clairemont Elementary), both old houses, and cannot wait to see what you do with this renovation! I am curious--is the front door/ window-right-next-to-it original? It seems like an odd placement.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. As best as we can tell the front door/window adjacent locations are original. No signs of any changes in framing in that location and the window matches the other original windows in the house in style, size & construction.

  3. Hi Netpawz! It's awesome to have a non-real life friend/family member visit our little blog. I think maybe they put the window right by the front door like that to illuminate the hallway. Our hallway is big, long and runs pretty much the whole length of the house. Before we put in the sun tunnel (skylight), it got really dark the further you got into our house. So, I think they pretty much HAD to put that window in right there or it would be like entering a dungeon once you got a few feet past the front door.

    The hubby and I love the Decatur area! Such a charming section of town full of lovely "old house" neighborhoods. We love to go driving around just to look and see what other people have done.

    Thanks for commenting!