Sunday, August 12, 2012

All The Small Things

Notice how there hasn't been many construction posts lately?  It's not because there hasn't been construction going on- far from it.  It's just that what has been going on has not been very photogenic or blogable.  I was going to skip all the small things, but I have this crazy blog fan who reminded me that I need to thoroughly document everything, especially the wiring.  So brace yourselves folks for a very photo heavy blog post including more than you ever wanted to see or know about what's going on behind the scenes at my house.  First up, we got some plumbing put in, including our washer/dryer hookups:

Notice the marks on the wall?  That's where our kitchen cabinets used to be.

We also have the gas hook up now for the stove:


 The ductwork for our heating/air conditioning is being completed all over the house:

It's all going in the ceiling instead of the floor...cause that's what classy people do.

The lighting and speakers are being installed everywhere.  Yes, we sprung for an all-over-the-house sound system.  We figured money, shmoney!  Why be sensible now? 

 Speakers and light cans in the kitchen, or maybe the living room...who can tell at this point?

I like to call this one "A Can Light Commits Suicide" or "Goodbye Cruel World".

All that stuff is interesting, but I know what you guys are really here for...the hot, sexy wiring pics.  Well brace yourselves, here they come!

Random wires.  I seriously have no idea what they do.

 This is the Generac (duh).  I'm told that it hooks up to our generator so we can have power when the zombiepocalypse comes.

 This is the breaker box.

 This is the breaker box without it's cover- the dirty slut!

 This is the breaker box with wires entering it.  Oh my!

 This is the patch panel.  It's where all our low voltage electrical stuff hooks up together.

 This is our patch panel after a heavy night of drinking.

This is our electrical service hook up.  We have to call the electric company to come and service it and hook it up.  Awww yeah baby!  

This is our low voltage wiring trying to escape the house.  I can't blame it really.

This is where our electrical cable will hook up to the outside of the house.  I have nothing dirty or quippy to say about this.

Whew!  That was a lot of small stuff.  Well that's it for this week folks.  Tune in over the next couple of weeks for some more design posts and some hot drywall action!