Monday, September 3, 2012

Walls, Walls, Everywhere Walls

Things have been moving along at a pretty good pace at the No-Longer-Slanty-Shanty.  We passed our big plumbing and electrical inspection, so we're finally able to put all of that sheetrock to good use.  Now when you walk into our house, you can actually see finished walls everywhere.  It's magical!  Behold:

Our hall is starting to look like a real, er hall.

 The master bath is starting to take shape.  Beyond that neat arch will be the shower and toilet area.

This photo was taken from the master bath door looking into our master bedroom.  On the far wall you can see our walk-in closet with the two entrances.  The little nook in between the doorways will have a built in dresser.

This is our living room.  You can see the new fireplace taking shape now.  On either side of it will be built-ins for our electronic equipment and other stuff.  We still don't have the crossbars for the transoms, but I'm told they're coming.

 This is a shot a little further back so that you can see the size and scope of the living room.  We'll have LOTS more space to entertain now!

 This is the kitchen, all drywalled up.  Check out my HUGE stove hood!

 The dining room is looking great!

And finally, I leave you with the funny pic of the week.  Apparently our drywall crew (did you know they are sometimes referred to as Mudders?) has a sense of humor.  We got this bonus picture on the drywall in our closet:

Who was that masked man?

You gotta love artwork preserved for the ages!  That's it for this week folks.  Next week they'll be working on installing our woodwork and trim.  Fortunately we were able to find a replacement for our mouldings that were burned in the factory fire, so we'll be staying right on schedule.


  1. ERMAHGERD! WERS! :-) Love to see the progress happening!

    1. ROFL! WERS! Yep, things are clicking along nicely.