Monday, November 26, 2012

Something Else

Yes, this is the long awaited post about something else.  I've never renovated or built a house before, and years of watching HGTV has conditioned me to think that things would be done in chunks.  What I mean by that is, I thought all the floors would be done at one time, all the tile, all the lighting, etc.  What happens in reality is that lots of stuff gets partially done and seems to trickle in by stages.  This doesn't particularly bother me, but it makes it hard to make a cohesive blog post.  So, I've given up on cohesion and decided to just give you a general update on the state of the reno.  Oh, and before we start, let me just apologize in advance for the darkness of the photos.  Now that we're headed into winter, we often lose the sunlight before we can get over to the rental house and take pics.  Most of the lights in the house aren't hooked up yet, so we have to take photos with a flash and hope for the best.

First up, we've had lots of deliveries at the house.  One day I went into the kitchen and found this huge lump with a tarp over it and a mysterious message.

What could this mean?

Not having any balls to remove and being the fearless sort that I am, I removed the tarp....and underneath it I found this:

 Why it's my AGA stove!!!

 Yes, it's purple.  We actually paid extra for purple.

This is what my AGA stove would look like if it were a naughty girl in a burlesque show.  Show us your ovens you dirty girl!

After putting the tarp back and contemplating whether or not a woman should buy a cup to protect imaginary balls, I noticed that our super duper awesomesauce Sub-Zero fridge got delivered.

 The hubby always wanted a career as one of those model girls on the Price Is Right.

Trust me, the fridge looks way more awesomesauce in reality than it does in this photo.

  Look at all that sweet, sweet storage.

I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking that a stainless steel Sub-Zero fridge isn't very historic looking, and you'd be right.  But remember, we're having cabinet panels and antique hardware put on the thing so hopefully it will look like just another old cabinet in our kitchen.

We also got a big ole pile of ceiling fans delivered to the house.  Pretty soon the fans started popping up everywhere.

Hey, don't judge us.  We live in Georgia and it gets very, very hot here.

On the front porch.

 In the living room.

 In the guest bedroom.

 Our back porch fan being photo bombed by a porch light.  Stupid porch light!

As you could probably tell from the kitchen photos, cabinetry has started appearing all over the house (although no one room has all it's cabinets).  The living room built-ins appeared one day.

This is where we'll store all of our electronic equipment (Tivo, PS3, etc).  Our designer Karen came up with the brilliant idea of using antique grates as cabinet doors to allow heat to vent and remote beams to hit the electronics.  Doesn't it look cool?

Some of our kitchen cabinetry has arrived, and with it our butcher block countertops.
Note that the tarp is firmly back in place over our stove.  We didn't want anyone to lose their balls.

 The cabinet makers accidentally added a little bead detail to the cabinet doors.  Not to worry though, they are fixing it and it shouldn't slow the renovation down.

 This is the island or pass-through between the kitchen and the dining room.  The hubby and I are already debating about what to put in those glass cabinets.  He says we should just put our dishes there, but I think we should put fancier stuff like my vintage Pyrex collection.  What do y'all think?
Look at that lovely, lovely butcher block.  I'll never bring myself to cut anything on it.

 The back hall got it's built in.

And so did the master bedroom.

Check out the sweet storage in the master closet:

The laundry/pantry room cabinetry is slowly trickling in too.

Hmmm...this doesn't look quite right.  Not to worry, we'll get it fixed.

The master bathroom has it's built-in medicine cabinets.
And the storage cabinet that will be over the toilet.

And finally, our home office is staring to get it's lovely dark wood cabinets.

This one will actually be a window seat.

 The hubby will sit to the left of the window, and I will sit to the right.

Elsewhere in the house in non-cabinet related news, the transoms in the addition finally got their SDL bars, or as I like to call them, those cross bar thingies.


And do y'all remember how we wanted to get salvaged boards for the back wall of the house (the one that delineates between the old house and the addition)?  Well those boards are up and are being painted and distressed to mimic the actual outside walls of our house.

Whew!  Well that's it for this time folks.  Tune in next time for some more construction (and destruction) on the outside of the house.

Oh, and I just want to announce that we have an official move-back date.  The movers have been hired, the landlord has been notified, and time has been taken off of work.  We're moving back December 10th.  Wish us luck!

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