Sunday, November 4, 2012

Works In Progress

Well it seems I took another unintentionally long blog break.  My plan was to wait until all of our floors had been completed, then make a massive floor-o-rama post.  But I thought, rather than make you guys wait for a finished product, why not show you some things that are in progress?  First up is our kitchen island.  We had it delivered to our house and placed in our master bedroom so that our wonderful refinsher Shea could put her magic touches on it.

 It kinda just looks like a huge, weird box here doesn't it?

 This is the  first coat of paint, a cool green color.  Sorry for the quality of the photo.  They were refinishing our hardwood floors that day and we couldn't come in the house.  The hubby had to hang on the outside of the house and look through the window to get this shot.

 This is coat number two, a brownish purple.  I believe it actually matches the brownish purple on our guest bedroom walls.

 Shea has to go through and paint each little bit and bob on our island doors.  It's painstaking detail work.

 Coat number three is a serene blue that matches the blue in our hall bath.

 So many little details...

 Transitioning from purple to blue.

 And this is what the final distressed finished island will look like.  You can see all the different colors peaking through.  This is a cell phone pic by the way, it looks much more vibrant in real life.

Shea is also working on our master bedroom mantle.  This is one of those I'm-so-glad-I-have-a-designer moments.  I would've never in a million years have thought to make our mantle gold, but I love the way it really pops against the purple on the walls.

This is the same gold color that's in our hall.

 All distressed and ready to be installed.

Other projects are moving forward in the house.  Our designer Karen happened to catch this fabulous one day sale at a local rock yard, and we scored a couple of awesome slabs.

This marble called Calcutta Gold because it has warm vein running through it.  It's hard to see in this photo, but it's really gorgeous!

 Here it is all marked up and templated.  Out of this one slab we will get a tub surround, bathroom countertop, shower seat, hearth slab and threshold.

This lovely piece of granite will become the desktop in our office.

  This is our murder room.  It's where we go to sacrifice people to the old Gods.  Just kidding, it's really our shower area.  I have no idea why the walls are red like that, but I imagine it has something to do with waterproofing.

And finally I thought I'd leave you with a little proof that some projects are actually getting finished around here.  The exterior trim work is done!
It took a surprising amount of coats of paint and detail work to get the trim that crisp.  I'm glad I didn't have to do it.

That's it for this week folks.  Tune in next time for floor-o-rama...or maybe something else.  You never can tell around here.

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