Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Frenzy, Part 2

As I explained in my last post, things have been going a bit crazy at the house as we're counting down the final days of construction.  The last time I covered the outside of the house, this time I thought I would cover the inside.  I just want to warn you guys again, the lights are not turned on at our house for safety reasons, so a lot of these pics had to be taken in the fading winter afternoon sunlight.  I apologize if some of them are really dark.

One of the most dynamic areas of the house has been the master bathroom.  The tile work is finally being done, and it looks jaw droppingly spectacular.

Before they start any tiling, the workers draw out the plans on the wall.

 Beginning the tile work in the vanity area.

This shot of the shower wall shows the neat texture we created by using several different shades of white tile, instead of just one shade.


 Hard at work in the murder room shower area.

I love the herringbone detail.  It makes it look so fancy, and yet it's just that same inexpensive white subway tile.

 In the office, more cabinetry has been installed, and the granite slab that will be our computer desk has been delivered.

All the window seat needs now is a cushion.  I'm sure our cats will take many a nap there.

Those wood strips will line the edge of the granite desk top, making it more warm and comfortable.

Remember the wall with the old boards in the addition?  You know, the one that is supposed to mimic an outside wall of our house?  Well it's been completely distressed and is looking great now.

These pics don't really do this wall justice.  It looks spectacular in real life.

And finally, our long awaited kitchen island has been completely finished and is now in place.
There's been a lot of debate about how to center the island.  Some folks think we should center with the room opening and others think that we should center it with the stove and cabinets.  What do y'all think?
This side will house our garbage cans, recycling bin, and dishwasher (not in place yet).

A close up of the glass front bins.  I was thinking I would put flour and sugar and such in these bins like the Pioneer Woman.  But since they face out into the living room, I feel like they need to contain something more visually interesting.  I was thinking maybe I could do different dried beans/popcorn/peas, but I would need gallons and gallons of the stuff to fill the bins up.  What do y'all think?  Any suggestions?

This side is mostly just storage.  I'm not sure what to put in there- maybe some of my pots and pans?  the side that faces the stove (not pictured) will have a microwave drawer.

Well that's it for this time folks.  Tune in next time for...I have no idea what!  There is still plenty more to do, so I'm sure there's plenty more going on at the house.  I will post more as soon as we get a decent batch of pictures in.  Meanwhile, the hubby and I will be packing and prepping for our move back to the house on the 10th.  Wish us luck!

Oh and I thought I would leave you with this neat artsy pick the hubby took.  He was actually standing outside our master bath window looking towards the master bedroom when he happened to catch a worker sanding the floors.


  1. LOL Wild Wiring Willy, I think we'll probably put the Firefly posters in the office! There will be glass cabinets there...