Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Furniture

I only have time for a quick post today, but I had to give y'all an update on the house.  Remember back in August, we bought some new stuff for the house at Stanton Home Furnishings?  Well it arrived here a little bit ahead of our move, and I just had to show you guys the photos.

 Our new couch.  The fabric looks like linen, but it's really a very durable indoor/outdoor fabric (with all of our animals we needed it to be resilient).  I think it looks very elegant, and yet it's very tough.  Also, this pic doesn't do it justice.  The neutral gray of the couch looks great against the color pop of the purple wall.

 Our new coffee table. When I saw a big, natural wood coffee table on the TV show The Talking Dead, I knew I had to have one for my living room.  I really love it, but I'm a bit worried that it's a little too small.  I'll reserve judgement on that till we get all of our furniture in the living room.

Here's a shot of all the new stuff in the living room together.  I love our new swivel rocking chairs.  They look very elegant too (again, the pic just does not do them justice).  The lamp is from Anthropologie and the coney wiener dog pillow is from etsy seller pinkbabymouse.

Here are the new, comfortable dining room chairs.  I love our old schoolhouse and ladderback chairs, but they are soo hard on the butt if you are sitting at the table for any length of time.  Keep in mind that underneath those windows, we will also have a wooden window seat with a big comfy cushion.

 Here's our designer Karen testing out the dining room chairs.  Her butt approves!

Here are the kitchen island stools, doesn't that fabric look too lush for the kitchen?  Well, it's actually a microfiber that is durable, stain-resistant, AND cats hate the texture so they don't try to claw it.  The only problem is that we accidentally got the wrong size (they are too tall for you to sit on and work at the kitchen island).  No worries though, they are being replaced next week.  You can't see it here, but the purple of the stools PERFECTLY matches the purple of the stove.  This kitchen is going to look awesome.  Also, note the island top?  Instead of going for granite or marble, we decided to start a hip new trend with plywood.  Just kidding, the granite is actually arriving sometime next week.

In the bedroom, we got our fabulous new king sized bed frame.  I love it!  It looks old fashioned, yet a little modern and it will look great with our bright quilt.

 Here's our quilt with our sweet little wiener pup Molly.  We lost Molly at the tender age of 2 to cancer.  We miss you sweet Mollypups!

 And finally, our office got it's reading chair and lamp.  I am super excited to FINALLY have a cozy little reading nook in my house.  That chair actually reclines and is soo comfortable.  I can see myself curling up there on cold winter afternoons with a good book, a mug of tea, and maybe a kitty or two.  The lamp is from Pottery Barn and looks even more awesome in person.  The colorful thing on the chair is actually the rug for the office.  I'll post pics of it later when it's in place on the floor.

That's it for this time folks.  Tune in next time when we actually move back into the house!  Don't worry, I plan to share lots of pics of boxes and crap everywhere (just keeping it real, yo!).


  1. Great looking interior! The furniture and the wooden floor are just amazing. I like the center table. It looks old, but sturdy, which gives it an antique feel. Very nice. :D

    - Gerry Bossier -

  2. Where was the coffee table purchased? Thanks!